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The peculiarity of our product is to optimize the IPLV parameter (Integrated Partial Load Value) introduced by United States' norms ARI (Air - conditionings & Refrigeration Institute).To optimize this parameter means to reduce the refrigerator unit energy consumption during the entire running period, therefore to reduce running costs and energy impact, as current international energy situation require.Using 2 scroll twin compressors for each circuit, allow us to obtain a IPLV parameter of 195%

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Maestrale direct expansion (gas-air) air-conditioner with fan dedicated to extract the spoilt air from the room and with fan dedicated to supply the conditioned air to the room.During intermediate seasons, it allows to carry out the hentalpyc free-cooling

Ghibli direct expansion (gas-air) air-conditioner with triple rolling shutters, managed by microprocessor, able to carry out the free-cooling with the replacement of spoilt air
Meltemi direct expansion (gas-air) air-conditioner with mixture room and double rolling shutters for minimal replacement external air and for recycled air
Libeccio direct expansion (gas-air) air-conditioner able to air-condition areas which need all recycled air
Phon gas burner unit
Austro Air handling units 5.000m3/h to 60.000 m3/h in all configuration that custmer wants